Christmas 2013

Emmanuel – God with us.  The message of the Christmas story – the message of the Christian story – the good news of the gospel.  Sometimes though, you have to really look for it – for God to show up.  If you’re not looking, you might miss it.  He showed up for me in a song on my iPhone – then later in a message from my daughter.  Last night He showed up at a Christmas Eve service, and then in my own prayer at home, and later, at a friend’s house, as we spoke in the most irreverent of ways—-He was there.  Even this morning – Christmas morning – when the house was asleep, a woman comes to my door wrapped in a blanket.  She enters and speaks a few words in spanish.  My daughter is there to interpret, but we are not getting far.  The woman comes and lays on the couch – and we are trying to get information from her.  But she is still highly intoxicated from the previous night’s fiesta.  We know where she came from, with her feet bare out in the freezing cold grass.  We go to the house, and another very hung over woman comes and retrieves her – lovingly.  Erin and I are left to ponder this.  But I sit here on the couch – and feel His presence.  I feel His blessing.  I feel His favor.

Merry Christmas.  Everyone.


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