POTUS? Perhaps Someday

Beauty in the day: so, the soccer coach never showed for the after-school soccer fun. He didn’t show. And one 3rd grade girl was not having any of it. But this was a different kind of mutiny than I am used to. “Excuse me, Ms Nordstrom? The soccer coach has not shown, and so if you could please look up his phone number and give it to me, I’ll just be giving him a call. I need to hurry, because I have been trying to stand guard over the kids who are in the gym, and there is no supervision, so I really should get back in there.” I’m here to say that I did NOT give the coach’s number to her, but instead called the coach myself, and then proceeded to call each parent to come and pick up their child. She was now in the office with the rest of the soccer-waiters, and made timely announcements as she saw fit: “Okay, your mother and your mother, and YOUR mother have been called, and MY mother had been called TWICE. We just need to wait this out.” I wondered aloud to a parent in the office: “Why AM I doing the lunchroom? This kid could totally do it!”

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