Sarcasm & Spies

Beauty in the day: they were first-graders, and they were going home mid-day. They didn’t feel great. Their mom was there to sign them out, and was in the process of doing so, white Kit and I engaged them in curious conversation. “Too bad you don’t feel good.”
“Yeah, I hope the rest will do you good.”
Mom countered with the suggestion that it wouldn’t be too bad, and that they would still be able to have a pretty good time.

“She’s using sarcasm,” one explained to us, “we never really have much fun.”

Now the second one (they are twins, by the way – “identical”, as one informed us, in case we didn’t know), felt the need to explain to us what they knew of their mother’s “sarcastic face”, and he demonstrated a lazy-eye, for effect. With this information being revealed, the 1st twin gave further evidence of the extent of the validity of their knowledge: “we know this person, and they know this police officer, or maybe a Spy, that can look at your face and know if you are lying or not”.

With that, they were off. I hope they had a pretty good time anyway.