“Boing-Boing” Curls Save the Day

Beauty in the day: she came into the clinic this afternoon, this little big girl. I call her that because she was one of the olders, preparing to start 4th grade, but still just a little girl.
“My tummy hurts, and I am so sleepy,” she complained quietly. I checked her temp: no fever. She had some water, and I let her lie down for a while. Eventually, as it was nearing the end of the day, I decided it was time for her to try going back to class. I told her the usual stuff – it’s way less boring in class than here, I’ll bet your friends are wondering what happened to you, I’d hate for you to miss the end of he day – you know, the usual stuff. She was agreeable, but still a little “low”, and so I did what any Office Manager of an elementary summer school would do: I walked behind her a few steps and gushed about her “very curly curls! I just want to ‘boing’ them all the way back to your class!” She giggled a little at that, and then skipped a little out the door.


Summer Lovin’

Beauty in the day: first day of summer school. A little stressful to start, but you just jump in, and it all works out. I met a boy with a frog, and had a 4th grade girl as an assistant for the first half of the day. I never went to the bathroom until after the day ended, but I did get there.
After work I was invited to dinner at a friend’s house, where I spent an evening with a 6-year-old gregarious girl, and an 8-year-old pretty shy boy. They were a darling addition to the evening, and were the correct and proper chaser to a day at summer school. ❤️

Talk to Me

Beauty in the day: still having car troubles, and this heat is not my “thing”. Still, yesterday I spent some hours on a boat with my my daughter and my bestie and her family. It was a nice (and fun) way to escape the heat for awhile. Now, sitting in my backyard, I can hear “little” voices next door. They are happy ones, curiously unconcerned by the high temps. They don’t even have a sprinkler on. They are just chatting away, and much of their contentment seems to come from the fact that their conversation is NOT between one another, but with mommy and daddy. 😊

Silly – Er, Happy Hour

Beauty in the day: so this was actually last night. My youngest daughter and I went into “downtown Issaquah” for a drink and an appetizer. We ended up following the advice of the waiter and ordered “truffle fries”.
“Is this to share?”
“Yes, thanks.”
We sipped our wine while we waited. Then it came. It was an enormous plate of shoelace fries, covered in garlic and garnished (semi-abundantly) with Beecher’s Flagship cheese.
We looked at each other with a “holy moly” look, and dug in. They were yummy, of course, but as we sat there eating and talking, the waft of the garlic grew rather intense. We were giggling about it, and Erin said between giggles, “This reminds me of,” and then leaned in to whisper something that I couldn’t make out.
“What?” I asked.
She leaned in again, giggling as she whispered. It was not successful.
The giggling was getting out of hand. I guess it was partly based on the anticipation of discovering what she was trying to communicate.
“WHAT?” I tried again.
Leaning in, she spoke a little louder, though still infused her speech with laughter.
“This reminds me of an episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants!”
We both dissolved at that. This led her into a condensed replay of the episode, complete with mimicked voices (which she can do eerily well).
This is may be what they mean by “Happy Hour”.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure.

Beauty in the day: my doggie has taken a very upward turn. I’ve been waiting for this (and checking the yard well for the “evidence” that has been lacking until today). And it’s made a difference, let me tell you! Happy dog is back, and next week his stitches can come out. This can surely help to offset the disturbingly bad news that the “maintenance light of death”, as well as the “engine light of death” have appeared on my car’s dashboard. “Dear God, please don’t let it cost too much!”
But who of you thought that my beauty today would involve, well…….poop?💩

Color Me Content

Beauty in the day: is it wrong for me to say it’s the (slightly) cooler temperatures? I have to give my doggie hot compresses – and he was not happy! But we’ve gotten it worked out now, and his trip to the vet was successful. I didn’t get the glowing report I was hoping for, but it was still positive, nonetheless. I got some things accomplished, and best of all, it was payday today! Oh wait – best of all, I had 60 cents per gallon off on my gas today! Oh wait – best of all, I had a fun text session with a group of fun people from work. Oh wait – best of all, NO WORK TOMORROW, OR FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK. *smiling*