On Top of Spaghetti….

Beauty in the day: ever been to a Meatball Throw Down? Today I was one of seven judges at one. My boss against (can I say that, actually? This is Unity Month – “against” sounds wrong) – scratch that. My boss showing off his talents alongside my friend showing off hers. I learned that judging a meatball contest – even blindly – is STRESSFUL!!!!! My boss (you remember Virtues Boy?) won the challenge by a smidgen, but the real winners were the 7 judges, who got to eat some VERY tasty meatballs as a treat!


Able to Leap Tall Buildings…


Beauty in the day: a call came over the radio from recess, the voice clearly belonging to the principal’s alter-ego, Virtues Boy: “Unity Man – Unity Man – come in, Unity Man…..there are children on our playground who are asking for Unity Man, come in, Unity Man…”
Unity Man (aka the Assistant Principal) answered the call: “Roger that, Virtues Boy. I will be right there.” Walking through the office on his way out, clad in his bright orange leotard, cape and mask, he said wryly, “Gotta give the public what they want.”

That’s the Ticket

Beauty in the day: he approached me in the office, Mr. I-Used-to-Be-a-Kindergartener-but-Things-Have-Changed-and-Now-I’m-a-First-Grader. “Ms. Nordstrom, did you see Ms. Harrington’s class at the fire drill?”
“Yes, I did.”
“Can you believe what a good job they did?”
Well, they certainly HAD, along with all the other classes, so I was able to agree on this point.
“Ms. Simmons’ class (his class) decided to write them a Golden Eagle Ticket. I mean, they are KINDERGARTENERS!!!”
Mr. Things-Have-Changed got to deliver the Golden Ticket, and as far as he’s concerned, that ticket is his, too.
That’s how it is when you pay a compliment to someone. You get paid back in happiness.