Ask Jeeves

Beauty in the day: the kindergarten boy’s mom came with a concern. Her son was missing at least 3, possibly 4 coats and/or jackets. She got some assistance from our ITCL with the Lost and Found area. Mom found several coats that she was pretty sure were her son’s, but her politeness wouldn’t allow her to take them without being certain. “Well, how about if we go and get your son to help us?” They went and got him, and on the way to the Lost and Found, they explained what they were up to. “We are trying to find your missing coats.”
“Oh,” he said, running ahead of them. “I know where they are! They are hanging here in the Lost and Found!” He made quick work of pointing out just which coats were his, a veritable ‘voila!’ written across his face. Apparently the Lost and Found was his idea of a personal closet. 😉


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