Arrow Shirt

Beauty in the day: it’s the little 1st grade Aussie. He came in today with a concern that his “arrow shirt” may have been abducted from the Lost and Found. We talked about thoughts a bit, and discussed the possible meaning of hearsay. And then I sent him back to class.
He returned not long after, looking to have a word with the school counselor. He wasn’t in his office, but then my good mate found him on his own, and the next thing I knew, the counselor was at my desk with the lad. “Ms. Nordstrom, can you help my friend by taking down his description of his lost shirt?” I said I would (of course). He talked about the background color, and the arrows that went back and forth and up and down. He gave a good description, right up to the “and inside there is a little tag, and I thinks it says 100% cotton”. Directly following was this choice (and important) bit of intel: “and the shirt is a size 6, but the boy who may have taken it is in the fourth grade, and it will not fit him.”
Somewhere out there is a 10-year-old toting around a little arrow shirt. Or not.


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