Your (One) Kiss is On My List

Beauty in the day: it was the first day of kindergarten, so it was bound to happen. Waterworks. Drama. Trauma! The same Little that posed hand-on-hip and chatted non-stop during registration, now had COLD feet! She cried and cried – and cried. But new AP rather easily managed to get her to go to the playground with him. She did the “three-steps-forward-two-steps-back” dance, but managed to press on, somehow.
She was brought to the office mid-day with the suggestion that she might call mom. Being that she was dry-eyed at this point, it seemed like a plan hatched in a bad-idea-factory, so I got out a note paper. “What we need to do is write a note to your mom, because she is going to call me in a little while (truth), and I know you would like me to give her a message.”
She would, as a matter of fact.
We wrote the note, which said,
“Hi Mom.
I love you.
I am happy. (An optimistic sidebar)
I miss you.
I am excited to see you after school and tell you about my day.”
I checked with her about an ending. “Would you like to send hugs and kisses?”
She would.
“How many would you like to send?”
She didn’t have to think about it. “One.”

So that’s what we did. ☺️

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