Accidental Hero

Beauty in the day: we have a system called Telecom, and mine was down. It normally displays the date and the time, but mine was reverting back to January of 1997. Nothing I did would fix it, so I put in a work order. The electricians came out, but they were stumped. We tried several things, but were getting nowhere, and I felt bad for taking up their time – although I still wanted it fixed! One electrician ended up getting on a stool and trying to work with tiny manual buttons in the back of the display (which is high up in the wall). He tried this, and he tried that, getting nowhere.
He made comments about how unnecessary the little display actually was, and suggested offhandedly that turning it off altogether might be the best choice.
I threw out some encouragement, saying that he was going to be so happy with himself if he could figure out the fix. We both laughed and he continued to fuss with the thing. Suddenly the display lit up with the right information, and though he had no idea what he had done right, he lifted up his arms in a muscle-man pose, clearly very pleased with himself.
“See? I told you so,” I told him laughingly.
He left in a very good mood.

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