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One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure.

Beauty in the day: my doggie has taken a very upward turn. I’ve been waiting for this (and checking the yard well for the “evidence” that has been lacking until today). And it’s made a difference, let me tell you! Happy dog is back, and next week his stitches can come out. This can surely help to offset the disturbingly bad news that the “maintenance light of death”, as well as the “engine light of death” have appeared on my car’s dashboard. “Dear God, please don’t let it cost too much!”
But who of you thought that my beauty today would involve, well…….poop?💩

Color Me Content

Beauty in the day: is it wrong for me to say it’s the (slightly) cooler temperatures? I have to give my doggie hot compresses – and he was not happy! But we’ve gotten it worked out now, and his trip to the vet was successful. I didn’t get the glowing report I was hoping for, but it was still positive, nonetheless. I got some things accomplished, and best of all, it was payday today! Oh wait – best of all, I had 60 cents per gallon off on my gas today! Oh wait – best of all, I had a fun text session with a group of fun people from work. Oh wait – best of all, NO WORK TOMORROW, OR FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK. *smiling*

Blessed by Association

Beauty in the day: sometimes people do good things for people that you love. For me, when that happens, it feels like they are doing something for my family. This means my fam is getting the love right now. Thanks, people who do good things for the people that I love. ❤️

Fashion Forward

Beauty in the day: cooking on the late side for me, and cooking extra to bring to some friends tomorrow. I told my daughter that I had forgotten to pick up some of those disposable containers that you take food to people in. “Okay mom, so I’ll go pick some up.”

“Wow! That would be really great! But you don’t have to go – I can pick them up myself.”

“Mom. You’re in your pajamas.”