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Blessed by Association

Beauty in the day: sometimes people do good things for people that you love. For me, when that happens, it feels like they are doing something for my family. This means my fam is getting the love right now. Thanks, people who do good things for the people that I love. ❤️

Love is Blind

Beauty in the day: still in our Jammie’s at 9:30 in the morning, I left 2 1/2-year-old Jaffrey to color her pictures, while I went into the bedroom to change into clothes. My hair still semi-mussed-up, and no make-up on, I went back into the living room. Jaffrey stopped everything when she saw me: “Oh Coco,” (she calls me Coco), you are so beautiful!” She said, almost worshipfully. I’m not kidding – she is such a pro.

Somewhere Over the Candy Waterfall

Beauty in the day: Sometimes a second-hand story is as good as being there. This was told to me today about a student, a first grader. The teacher was sharing about her grandmother, and a little guy (who has made headlines before) piped up (which, by the way, is his style. Always.) “Um, I had a grandpa, but he died, but it’s okay because I will get to see him again someday. He went to a really good place, with candy waterfalls and Pokemon roads.” Besides being heart-wrenchingly cute, it’s also heartwarming to know that someone who loves him, lined out his grandpa’s afterlife in terms that he could really relate to.