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Little Heart, Big Love


Beauty in the day: my almost 3-year-old grand-daughter commissioned a drawing from her mother. It was of Princess Ariel, herself, and Me, all as mermaids. The resemblance of mine is uncanny. I mean, we’re both brunettes.


Blessed by Association

Beauty in the day: sometimes people do good things for people that you love. For me, when that happens, it feels like they are doing something for my family. This means my fam is getting the love right now. Thanks, people who do good things for the people that I love. ❤️

Fashion Forward

Beauty in the day: cooking on the late side for me, and cooking extra to bring to some friends tomorrow. I told my daughter that I had forgotten to pick up some of those disposable containers that you take food to people in. “Okay mom, so I’ll go pick some up.”

“Wow! That would be really great! But you don’t have to go – I can pick them up myself.”

“Mom. You’re in your pajamas.”