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No Sticker Shock Here

Beauty in the day: it would be a crime if I was too embarrassed to choose this moment. The teacher sent her very shy young kindergarten boy to the office so he could show me how great he did on his math work. We cheered and congratulated him. We high-fived him. We made those faces that you make when you can’t even believe what you are seeing and hearing. He was appropriately impressed. As I sent him off, I gave him a “You’re Awesome” sticker to put on his hand.
After a while, I got an email from his teacher, who informed me that he had shown her his sticker. “Wow, that Ms. Nordstrom sure is nice,” she told him.
“Yes,” he replied, “and she’s really quite beautiful.”
~ ~ We have the smartest kids at Ardmore. 😉

Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

Beauty in the day: the tiny tyke came in to the clinic, complaining that she had a tummy ache…….hmmm….no fever…….her face looked bright enough…….”Did you have some breakfast today, sweetie?”
“Um, maybe I didn’t, much.”
“Okay, well, I have some pretzels here. How about trying out some of those?”
“No. They are not my flavor.”



Beauty in the day: the principal came into the office with a look on his face. He had a story to tell. “So,” he began, “the little kindie guy was in the hall just now, and he was struggling with his zipper. So I stepped in to the rescue, and told him that I am a PRO at zippers! So I bent down, and saw that his zipper was hardly even attached! I just ‘popped!’ it right out, showing him that it was no longer stuck.” He paused – apparently for effect, since he had a “Paul-Harvey-rest-of-the-story” to relay.
“Apparently though, he wasn’t having trouble getting his jacket unzipped after all,” he smiled in a semi-embarrassed manner, “he was having trouble getting it ZIPPED.”

That’s the Ticket

Beauty in the day: he approached me in the office, Mr. I-Used-to-Be-a-Kindergartener-but-Things-Have-Changed-and-Now-I’m-a-First-Grader. “Ms. Nordstrom, did you see Ms. Harrington’s class at the fire drill?”
“Yes, I did.”
“Can you believe what a good job they did?”
Well, they certainly HAD, along with all the other classes, so I was able to agree on this point.
“Ms. Simmons’ class (his class) decided to write them a Golden Eagle Ticket. I mean, they are KINDERGARTENERS!!!”
Mr. Things-Have-Changed got to deliver the Golden Ticket, and as far as he’s concerned, that ticket is his, too.
That’s how it is when you pay a compliment to someone. You get paid back in happiness.

Love & Logic

Beauty in the day: while it was a very busy “kid” day, to say the least, and while there was beauty to be found in all of it, I got a particular chuckle from the “logic” of a pair of kinders who were brought in to mourn their inappropriate and disrespectful attitude toward one of our recess staff. “Is this true, that you were very disrespectful to Miss Martin?” Mr. Mike asked with a hint of incredulity.
“Well, yes, but we miss our Teacher.”
Hard to argue with that logic, since his teacher is Miss Kimble, but it had a bit of an air of “reasoning pulled out of thin air”, since it had been a mere 45 minutes since being in her presence.
Still, I had to appreciate how quickly he went to that go-to of an answer.