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This Is How We Do It

Beauty in the day: When the first syllable “sounds like” fur, and the second syllable “sounds like” pee, and someone calmly suggests that it might be Curious George – and they are correct – you get an uneasy feeling about the state of the Universe. ‪#‎reallytiredadultsplayingcharades‬

Go Ahead: Make My Day

Beauty in the day: Erin called me via FaceTime so I could visit with the kiddles. They didn’t know she was going to do this, and Jaffrey’s elation at this MADE. MY. DAY. She kept gasping, and putting her hands on her cheeks – she was so amazed and excited to talk to CoCo. “I LOVE you, CoCo!!” she exclaimed over and over. Everett played the adorable shy boy, and covered his eyes to peek out. It was a perfect present for me. ❤