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This Is How We Do It

Beauty in the day: When the first syllable “sounds like” fur, and the second syllable “sounds like” pee, and someone calmly suggests that it might be Curious George – and they are correct – you get an uneasy feeling about the state of the Universe. ‪#‎reallytiredadultsplayingcharades‬


We All Scream for Ice Cream

Beauty in the day: she is an adorable third-grader at Woodridge, and she and her mom were celebrating her little sister’s first day of Preschool (year two!) – – – at the Ice Cream Store (you know the one..). They popped in the door, and I was greeted ever-so-enthusiastically by mom (thanks for that!). Introductions came next (“whoa, NORDSTROM???”), and third-grader shook my hand like a proper, and very-well-brought-up young lady. Preschooler is a bit of an understudy, and ever-so-politely took a moment to be introduced to a stranger (me), which was quite a grown-up feat, when there were 31-derful flavors waiting to be discovered.
I liked this moment in my day, and it reminded me that the last time I met a student-friend by chance at a Baskin Robbins was the time I exchanged special friendliness with a first grade Somerset boy who will forever be that – a first grade boy. I miss him. ❤


Beauty in the day: I went to IKEA. I only needed one thing. Just one. But I grabbed another on my way through. Traveling at the breakneck speed of “like a snail running”, I made my way through the maze that makes up the warehouse-of-a-store, trying my best to ignore the oddly sauna-like atmosphere, as well as the perspiration forming along my hairline. I finally arrived at the corner of “No, the Line is Still About 75 Yards From Here”, and began to feel the elation of knowing that I was nearly out the door. Eventually I got in line; it was the line that serves as a placeholder for people who are trying to help the store look as busy as possible. The checker was of the same type. Yet somehow, miraculously, I found myself almost at the front of the line (behind gentleman who had no merchandise, but had a phone, on which he kept calling his wife and asking, “are you almost here? I’m almost at the front of the line”…then apologized and said she hung up.)

The beauty is that I have emerged in one piece – still alive. I have the unique opportunity to remind myself (again) the reason one does not shop at IKEA on a weekend or holiday.

Now off to Costco…

Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

Beauty in the day: today was a long one. A really long one. Toward the end of the day it was determined that a lot of phone calls would need to be made. A LOT. And while said phone calls were being made and messages were being left, phone calls began coming IN, to answer said messages. At one point I decided I ought to check said messages. Three were hang-ups, two were random crowd voices, one was a man who said, “I need to talk to the Office Staff”, and then hung up, one was (I’m pretty sure) the same man who then said, “I need to talk to the Office Staff at Ardmore,” and then hung up, two were loud (very loud) chewing and crunching noises, and one was a response to the message I had left. The beauty part was that out of 8 messages, I only had to do anything with 1 of them. 😉
T minus 5 days to liftoff.