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Gold Rush

Beauty in the day: kids earn Eagle Tickets at my school. But as a CLASS, you can earn GOLDEN Eagle Tickets. We have this big poster-chart, and every day kids come in as classroom representatives to put a stamp on their chart. Today a happy kindergartener came in and announced that this was the 2nd Golden Eagle Ticket for them on the same day. He was all puffed up with pride. He looked at me with a smile that looked like the Cat who had eaten the canary, beckoned to me, and erupted with: “Did we hit the Motherlode, or WHAT?!!?!?!?”

Life in the Emerald City

Beauty in the day: it started with the young one who strode boldly down the hall and into the office only to suddenly appear to be crippled in one leg.  He said it happened on Friday, and added that his mom knew about it, for good measure.  So we stretched.  We did lunges.  We did deep knee bends.  We did toe touches .  I sent him back to class.
Later, in the lunch line (don’t even get me started) one line emptied out, so I went up to a young man and told him he could move to the empty line.  He snarled out a very definite “No!”  Well!  My goodness!  I tried again.  He was demonstrably against any such sort of offer.  So, I offered the honor to the boy behind him, who gladly took advantage.  The first boy burst into loud and bitter tears, the kind with the ugly face – the really ugly face.  Directly at this point the boy from earlier this morning walked up to me and said, “I think those exercises made my leg worse.”
Any ridiculous thoughts anyone has had about magical or super powers that I possess may now put them to rest.  There is no one behind the curtain, folks.

Thumbs Up

Beauty in the day: there is a 1st grade teacher at my school (of course there is). She will periodically send a student to the office with a request of some kind. Can she have some pencils; would I be willing to make me an extra copy, she’s short one; could I answer the question on this note; could she have some more band aids for the classroom – that kind of thing. Along with these requests, she sends a page of stickers, and if I perform the grand favor, I get to choose a sticker for myself. I have a lovely collection of these. Today I chose a glittery orca whale, and the boy that offered them made sure to tell me that I had made the best possible choice.
People, there are skills you have to have to do this job, and picking the best sticker is a good one to have, because you will get a “thumbs up” from a kid who is watching you. April 16, 2015: Success. 👍🏻

Naming Names

Beauty in the day: Well, it’s a day late, but this story is sticking with me, so….His kindergarten teacher brought him in for a chat. It’s the little Aussie – you’ve met him before. Little Aussie was very, very sad. His teacher, in her valiant efforts to distract him from his troubles, told him I had some sort of super-powers, and suggested they see what I might have to say (she’s such a smart cookie, right? He was naturally somewhat intrigued – though still very, very sad). “Ms. Nordstrom, my friend here is very, very sad. We made a park in Kindergarten, and we didn’t get to name it the name that we wanted to, and on top of that, we didn’t get to have the snack we were hoping for at snack time.” I took a look, and he was, indeed, very, very sad. “So Friend, you didn’t get to name the park what you wanted?” He shook his head in a sad, doleful way. “So what DID they name it?”

“Kindergarten Park.”

“I see, I see. Yes, Kindergarten Park does sound like a proper name for that, though. Hmmmm….. Tell me, Friend, what was the name YOU wanted to name it?”

“Power Ranger Park.”

“Well, yes, that’s a very good name, isn’t it? But I wonder – it seems like there is a bit of information you didn’t know about. Actually, if something is named ‘Kindergaten Park’, it’s secret code-name actually IS ‘Power Ranger”, you see. Most people don’t know this, because it’s very much a secret code, so it’s probably good not to spread it around very much. In fact, you should probably just tell your best friend and that’s all for now.” He looked rather pleased with this intelligence, and thought that idea was great, and they left to get things underway. Those of you reading this: I’m working on a way for this message to self-destruct in 30 seconds, to protect the bit of secret information held within the words. Important for you to pretend you don’t remember this.

To Dream the Impossible Dream

Beauty in the day: the kindies were on a field trip today. At the Aquarium. This meant that they were not in the lunchroom, because they were in Seattle. At the Aquarium. This meant no kindies for 1st lunch in the lunchroom. Just 1st grade. This meant that the kindergarten class who was the Clean-up Crew this week – was gone – in Seattle. This meant that a 1st grade class (the first grade has already had their turns) would have to fill in. Well, the best way to approach this was head-on. “So, first grade class that has already had their turn, I will need you to be Clean-up Crew today, because the kindies are on a field trip.” They cheered. It was the best news they’d heard all day.
Lunch was teriyaki, and the kids were having a lot of fun reading their fortunes from their fortune cookies. One girl yelled out in excitement, “My fortune came TRUE!!” I asked her what her fortune was, and she let me read it. It read, “An exciting message will soon be delivered to you.” She was super-happy. “Wow!” I joined in enthusiastically. “What was the message?”
“We get to be Clean-Up Crew!” she exclaimed, causing the class to erupt in a new bout of cheering. Yep. True story. Tag line courtesy of the 1st grade teacher:

Passing it Off

She came in with a pass from her teacher.”I’m here to see Miss Brooks.”

“Miss Brooks is not here today.”

“Yes! My teacher gave me a pass! That means I am supposed to see Miss Brooks!”

“Well, except that Miss Brooks is not here today. She doesn’t work on Thursdays.”

“But, I have a pass!”

“Hmmm…I’m sorry. I guess your teacher didn’t remember that Miss Brooks is not here today.”

“That just doesn’t even make sense! – What about Mr. Mike?”

“Mr. Mike is gone for the day.”

“What? I saw him today! He is here!”

“Well, he WAS here, but now he is at Woodridge.”

“But, I have a pass, and that means I am supposed to come TODAY! If I get a pass, then it means today. I was supposed to come at 11:00, but now it is 1:00, so I can see Mr. Mike.”

…Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re all thinking that I am going to give this girl a rose and send her skipping to class with a smile. I tried. I did. But that little pixie was having none of it. So, I went the only other direction there was. I stooped down and gave her a very level look. “The bottom line is, that neither Miss Brooks nor Mr. Mike are here. You can bring me 5 passes, and I will still say the same thing. You’ll have to go back to class, and come back tomorrow.” She stared back for a beat or two, then wheeled around on her heel and left with a loud snuffle, and a small wail. She walked out, muttering all the way. I watched her heading back down the hall to class…getting sidetracked by something in the Library…waving at someone coming from the other direction….yeah, she was going to be just fine.