Beauty in the Check-marks – and the Ones Not Checked

Beauty in the day: I have a two-page list of “Things to Do” at my desk. I stopped counting after 32, so it’s somewhere around 38 now. There are 3 check-marks on it. Done. Done. Done. Three beautiful check-marks. And there are three more things that are ALMOST worthy of a check-mark. Almost. I was getting one “this close” (thumb and index finger held up to my eye in the same kind of motion my kids and I use to “catch” the last bit of sun – or sometimes the moon) to completion, but girl-with-concern came to complain about girls in the bathroom who kept switching stalls. Gah. I tried to complete another, but the roller grabbed the film, and rolled it to a place on a laminator that the sun doesn’t shine. “Lucifer” will have to wait until tomorrow, when Custodian Man can help. It’s a two-person job, you see. So anyway, there went another check-mark. I tried to do something to get a check-mark earned in some way. But I had to answer a phone, register some new students, give a tour, figure out what the blasted key number was that belonged to that downstairs conference room, update a map, deal with HR, try to explain to a parent why their pre-schooler may not be able to attend our school next year, since they live in another school district, – – none of these things are on my list. But they did get done. They did get done. I am not mocked by those waiting check-marks. I know what I did. By the time I get those check-marks earned (tomorrow afternoon, by God I swear), I will have created a new set to check off. For every check-mark, there are at least 3 unwritten items getting checked off. No matter – I’m still going to enjoy checking those “done’s” off the list tomorrow.

Winding Down and Winding Up

December 31st. Did this year finish well? I guess that depends on your perspective, and what you thought needed to be accomplished. For me, it’s all part of the experience. Everything good; everything bad. I love the things that come from the “bad” – maybe I’ll grow into a lovely adult – in time.
I’ve not been a big “maker-of-resolutions” in the past – I kind of go with the flow. But this year, I think I want ¬†to set some goals and see if I can accomplish something that I can actually note.
But along with those “notable” accomplishments, I intend to spend my days foraging for beauty in the midst of the difficult and the frustrating.

So far, I have not been disappointed. Instead, I have been rewarded. Beauty to you.

Christmastime Again

Beauty in the day: a three-and-a-half hour flight that ended up taking 6-and-a-half hours. Luggage is lost and promised at 6:00 pm the following day. 2 little munchkins in their beds are awake. I went in to investigate, and Jaffrey gasped and said, “You’re Grana Coco!” Fun with kids and good visiting with Bree. Matt & Vivi show up, Brad gets home early, dinner and laughs, it’s a good day, but WHERE IS MY LUGGAGE? 10:15 pm: luggage delivered. All is well. ūüėä #sometimesyoujustgottahaveyourluggage

The Unexpected Ad

Driving on the freeway, you can see a lot of things. ¬†Some dull, some interesting. ¬†For example, “Exit 17”, or “Costco”. ¬†There’s a lot of shrubbery; there are signs telling you where you can get gas, or where to go for food. ¬†Today, driving North on 405, I came upon an overpass where two people stood, holding and pointing to a very large sign that read: “Resolve to Become Vegan”. ¬†Yeah – wasn’t expecting that one. ¬†I mean, they were wearing coats and hats and scarves and gloves. ¬†They were committed to the cause – it just wasn’t a cause that I expected to encounter in this way. ¬†‚Ķ.huh‚Ķ‚Ķ..

Christmas 2013

Emmanuel – God with us. ¬†The message of the Christmas story – the message of the Christian story – the good news of the gospel. ¬†Sometimes though, you have to really look for it – for God to show up. ¬†If you’re not looking, you might miss it. ¬†He showed up for me in a song on my iPhone – then later in a message from my daughter. ¬†Last night He showed up at a Christmas Eve service, and then in my own prayer at home, and later, at a friend’s house, as we spoke in the most irreverent of ways—-He was there. ¬†Even this morning – Christmas morning – when the house was asleep, a woman comes to my door wrapped in a blanket. ¬†She enters and speaks a few words in spanish. ¬†My daughter is there to interpret, but we are not getting far. ¬†The woman comes and lays on the couch – and we are trying to get information from her. ¬†But she is still highly intoxicated from the previous night’s fiesta. ¬†We know where she came from, with her feet bare out in the freezing cold grass. ¬†We go to the house, and another very hung over woman comes and retrieves her – lovingly. ¬†Erin and I are left to ponder this. ¬†But I sit here on the couch – and feel His presence. ¬†I feel His blessing. ¬†I feel His favor.

Merry Christmas.  Everyone.