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Knowing Your Kryptonite

Beauty in the day: a list I haven’t heard together before. The kindergarten cutie came in at breakfast time and wanted me to check on her because some kids near her had taken waffles and sausage for their breakfast, and she was pretty sure she was allergic. We chatted, and as she left, satisfied with the advice I had given her, she declared that she had been mistaken. She remembered now what it is that she is actually allergic to: kitties, and frogs and butterflies.

To Be or Not To Be – Allergic

Beauty in the day: he came in at 7:42 am. “I’m sorry that I’m late,” he said breathlessly. I assured him that since school doesn’t start until 8:05, he was not late at all.
“Oh, I know,” (okay?) “but I just wanted to tell you that my eyes are very allergic to fog. They can’t be in the fog. They CAN be in the fog, but they are very allergic, so they can only be in the fog for a very little time. I mean, they can be in the fog even for a longer time, but they are very allergic to it, so then I stay out of the fog, because of how they are so allergic. And that’s why today,” he gestured nattily at his baseball cap, “I am wearing this hat, so that I can pull it close to my eyes to help with the allergies from the fog.” It was both a genuine get-to-know-me conversation, and a well-crafted commercial for the benefits of letting a kid wear a hat to school, at least on his part. He’s a new 1st grader from another school, so it’s understandable that he has to get us up-to-speed on these colorful little bits of “trivia” about him.