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The Main Principal

Beauty in the day: my Aussie friend came to the office with a bit of a predicament. He needed to share his Smile Chart, but he was aware that Mr. Jones was not in.
“Well, Friend, you can come back at the end of the day and you can show your Smile Chart to Mr. Miller.”
Friend looked (optimistically) dubious. I tried again.
“Friend, you know that Mr. Miller can TOTALLY do this, because after all, he’s the big guy – you know, he’s the Main Principal.”
He looked at me thoughtfully, and said, “Well, yes, and Mr. Jones is the other Main Principal.” – Change is hard, well all know.
“Well yes, that’s true; we call it the Assistant Principal.”
“You mean the Vice.”
“Well, some places call it that, yes. We call it the Assistant.”
Tick….tick….tick. He emerged from his trance.
“I suppose if Mr. Miller is the Main Principal, he knows how to do many jobs.”
“Wow, you’re smart, Friend! That’s exactly right!”
He agreed to return, and did just that at the end of the day. I sent him to check in with Mr. Miller. He was gone for a few minutes and then retuned, stood directly in front of my desk, and leveled a long look at me – directly in the eyes. I leveled back, not daring to back down. After several beats, he deigned to blink, and then made the following pronouncement: “He said that he really liked my deep thoughts.” – – – I let him pick from the prize box.
While it may seem that his very endearing spar with me was my beauty for today, in fact it was not.
It was the Main Principal’s message to him. I think he will ponder that for the rest of the day. 🙂

The Show Must Go On

Beauty in the day: Talent Show and Multicultural Night is but a month away, and this has many of our students in a bit of a tizzy. Notwithstanding is the Wonder from Down Under, who made his first appearance before school. I was ready, and told him that I had passed his message on to the PTSA, and had heard back that Thursday would be fine. He smiled shyly and went to line up.

He came back later, however, which didn’t surprise me in the least. “Excuse me, but I’m a bit confused still,” he offered (confused is one of his favorite words, as it gives him a juxtaposition of both inquisitiveness and neediness together).

“Confused?” I queried back (this gave me the air of one who has fully bought in to the inquisitiveness and neediness, and who seeks to give aid). He confirmed this stance, and I surprised him with a very knowing smile. “Well, Friend, you’re in LUCK! I’m going to take you backstage now, because the PTSA lady is there, and she can help you with your question!” Before he could voice either disbelief or refusal, I led the way to the backstage area, and we saw before us the PTSA lady.

“Hi PTSA lady, my Friend here is a bit, I’m sorry, confused was it?” He looked at me blankly. “Yes, he’s a bit confused, and I am pretty sure you can help with that.” I lined out the question, and she told him that he could most certainly audition on Thursday. “Let me write your name right here, where it says ‘Thursday’,” she said with the voice of authority. She reminded him to bring his equipment for his magic act. We walked back out to the hall then, and he stopped me. “I’m hoping to order a real deck of cards online for my magic act, so if they get delivered here instead of my house, then I’ll be happy enough to let you keep it for me on the stage or one of the other departments.” 🙂

I went back to the office, and he went on his way. But just then a tiny little girl who could barely see over the countertop came in and said plaintively, “I need to talk to my dad urgently. I don’t have my music for the audition.” Urgently.

And this is how it went.

S.O.S to the P.T.S.A.

Beauty in the day: the kid from Down Under came in to get things straight. “Excuse me, but I have signed up for the Talent Show Night, and I would like to say that I will like to do my audition on Thursday, not Tuesday, because I will probably need some extra time since I turned in my form a bit late.”
“Well, I’m not in charge of the Talent Show, but I will get a message to the PTSA for you.”
Surprisingly, he was satisfied and went on his way.
Not surprisingly, he returned. “Well, I am thinking now that perhaps I ought to come on Tuesday AND Thursday, because I might need some extra practice.”
“Okay, Friend. I will try to get another message to the PTSA.”

“Although….I might have to leave early so I can practice a lot at home….”

If you are on the PTSA and you are reading this, please adjust at will. Thank you.

Naming Names

Beauty in the day: Well, it’s a day late, but this story is sticking with me, so….His kindergarten teacher brought him in for a chat. It’s the little Aussie – you’ve met him before. Little Aussie was very, very sad. His teacher, in her valiant efforts to distract him from his troubles, told him I had some sort of super-powers, and suggested they see what I might have to say (she’s such a smart cookie, right? He was naturally somewhat intrigued – though still very, very sad). “Ms. Nordstrom, my friend here is very, very sad. We made a park in Kindergarten, and we didn’t get to name it the name that we wanted to, and on top of that, we didn’t get to have the snack we were hoping for at snack time.” I took a look, and he was, indeed, very, very sad. “So Friend, you didn’t get to name the park what you wanted?” He shook his head in a sad, doleful way. “So what DID they name it?”

“Kindergarten Park.”

“I see, I see. Yes, Kindergarten Park does sound like a proper name for that, though. Hmmmm….. Tell me, Friend, what was the name YOU wanted to name it?”

“Power Ranger Park.”

“Well, yes, that’s a very good name, isn’t it? But I wonder – it seems like there is a bit of information you didn’t know about. Actually, if something is named ‘Kindergaten Park’, it’s secret code-name actually IS ‘Power Ranger”, you see. Most people don’t know this, because it’s very much a secret code, so it’s probably good not to spread it around very much. In fact, you should probably just tell your best friend and that’s all for now.” He looked rather pleased with this intelligence, and thought that idea was great, and they left to get things underway. Those of you reading this: I’m working on a way for this message to self-destruct in 30 seconds, to protect the bit of secret information held within the words. Important for you to pretend you don’t remember this.

G’day, Good Friday

Beauty in the day: the little Aussie definitely generates some cute stuff. He came into the office after school to declare in his small but brave voice, that he really did think that schools ought to give children Friday off, because, after all, it will be Good Friday, and then children can stay home and think about Jesus and God. He left, after making his announcement, with the air of one who was still deeply pondering this idea….