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Aussie Anxiety

Beauty in the day: the imminent 2 week break is bringing out anxiety in more than one inhabitant of Ardmore Elementary. Take Little Aussie, for instance. He stood fidgeting in front of my desk, and I inquired (as per custom), “Can I help you?”
“Well, you see, I am wondering about the library books during the Winter Christmas break. When will I return those, please?”

“Oh! Good news! You won’t need to return them until you come back in January!”

Apparently this was not such good news, as I discovered when Little Aussie let me in on his thoughts. “Well, suppose that the books get lost over the break?”

“Oh! No worries! Just tell your mom to help you find a great safe place to keep the books when you’re not reading them!”

He had another concern. “Well, you see, we will have out-of-town guests at our house, so…I worry about that, then.”

“Oh! No worries! Just tell your mom when you get home, and she can help you find a perfect safe-spot for your books!”

“Yes. Well, you see, our guests will have pets.”

“That’s GREAT!”

“Actually, I’m not really very happy about that. Perhaps one of the pets will put a tear in the book, or perhaps they might nibble on the cover, or scratch it, you see.”

This called for a different tack.
” No worries, Friend. I will send your mom an email and ask her to help you find a great safe place to keep your awesome library books. Good plan?”

The plan was an acceptable one, and he left with confidence. I sent the email immediately. Mom’s response added another dimension: they will be out of town part of the time, and the little guy imagined squatters on their premises while they travel. His only understood responsibility was the library books.


Pretty Please With a Cherry on Top

Beauty in the day: her mom was late picking her up. She is a first-grader, but a tough little cookie. Still, I didn’t want her to worry. After I reached mom by phone, it was clear that mom had completely lost track of time. “Oh my gosh! I’ll be right there!” I let Little Miss know, and she settled back in her chair, satisfied that all was well. We started making a guessing game as to why mom lost track of time.
“Maybe she was out shopping for super-cool stuff,” I guessed. She didn’t think so.
“I wonder if she was reading a good book, and her brain started growing so big that it was so busy thinking of inventions, that she lost track of time.” She didn’t think it was that, either.
“I’m hungry,” she offered.
“Oh my gosh!” I said, suddenly hit with inspiration, “I think she may have been eating an enormous ice-cream sundae, and it was so yummy that she lost track of time!”
I got a wonderful look – and then the stink-eye.
“I don’t think that’s it,” she countered, “but if it is, she will need to explain herself, and she will need to share a sample.”

Weed Whacker

Beauty in the day: a very full day at school today. We had a morning awards assembly that started the day off right. Kids were in a good mood, especially knowing that the student body award earned was a “Literacy Picnic,” which meant that lunch would be eaten outside on blankets, followed by reading of books, one student to another. Kids that normally avoided reading were reading happily. Kids were coming to the office to call their parents for blankets. It was a very good day for Literacy! One little guy who sometimes sings Spanish-Gaelic songs (or is it Irish-Gaelic?) returned to class with a long weed clenched in his mouth. “Back in my country” (I think that’s Washington, actually, generally further south in Bellevue – perhaps Woodridge), “we usually put weed in our mouth.”

Well, like I said, it’s Washington. 😉