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The Rhythm is Gonna Get You

Beauty in the day: standing in line to see the Terra Cotta Warriors led to another wait in a darkened vestibule. Little 7-ish-year-old waiting near me with mom and dad was finding the wait to be – well – challenging. It became apparent that the little one was involved in dance or cheer, as she was doing steps and arm motions in her spot, much to the consternation of her mother, who would whisper to her to stop. Little One would stop, but the rhythm had a hold of her, and within seconds she would be back at it, only to be reminded by mom to stop again. This continued (to my delight), and gave credence to Maya Angelou’s quote: “Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.”

Changing Channels

Beauty in the day: there were many moments today, and that’s saying a lot, based on the kind of day it was. But I think that my most favorite moment of beauty was at the end of the day. First-grade teacher who had experienced a very challenging day (one of many-in-a-row) was leading her class to the front of the school for dismissal. I had a message for her, and as I saw her approaching, I went to wait, and she caught my eye, and looked like she hadn’t a care in the world. In fact, she looked – – – tranquil. I gave her the message, and she smiled. “You know how (previous-1st-grade-teacher-team-member-now-out-on-leave) Genevieve‚Äč always looks so serene, even on a bad day? Yeah, well I’m channeling Genevieve.”
Those of us who know Genevieve knows what this looks like. Christina‚Äč nailed it – and I’m planning to practice tonight in front of the mirror.

On Top of Spaghetti….

Beauty in the day: ever been to a Meatball Throw Down? Today I was one of seven judges at one. My boss against (can I say that, actually? This is Unity Month – “against” sounds wrong) – scratch that. My boss showing off his talents alongside my friend showing off hers. I learned that judging a meatball contest – even blindly – is STRESSFUL!!!!! My boss (you remember Virtues Boy?) won the challenge by a smidgen, but the real winners were the 7 judges, who got to eat some VERY tasty meatballs as a treat!