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G’day, Good Friday

Beauty in the day: the little Aussie definitely generates some cute stuff. He came into the office after school to declare in his small but brave voice, that he really did think that schools ought to give children Friday off, because, after all, it will be Good Friday, and then children can stay home and think about Jesus and God. He left, after making his announcement, with the air of one who was still deeply pondering this idea….


Beauty in the day: it’s that recurring article that keeps showing up on FB about women with abundantly proportioned behinds and the correlation they have to the intelligence of the children that they produce. I knew, I just KNEW that someday I would find affirmation for this, and better yet, it’s apparently TRUE. I say this because I have hecka-smart kids. Not sure what the scientific correlation is to their great beauty as I don’t have an article for that, so going with my gut: it’s a God-thing.