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Beauty in the day: driving to work with a lot on my mind – and I turned the corner, and saw the sky – the kind that is my favorite, sort of stormy with the sun shining in, and making everything look super-vibrant – – and I knew.

Beauty by the Thimbleful

Beauty in the day: friend AP at another school had a fun day today. I got pictures to prove it, and they were accompanied by a quote about said Friend AP.

When I left work today, I took the West Lake Sammamish route to Issaquah – a seemingly good plan. On this gorgeous, lovely day, it should not have mattered that I traveled approximately 8 miles at 4 mph. I survived it, but was stressed because I had to get some people to the airport. No sooner did I get home, than it was time to leave to go BACK to Bellevue to pick up airport Friend. The good news is that my 6 hours on W. Lake Sammamish prepared and trained me for the 42 hour trek at 4 mph to the airport – IN THE CARPOOL LANE. Actually, at one point we noticed that we were traveling at the break-neck speed of 26 mph, and I think I may have strained a muscle in my neck over that. Gah.
I traveled home and enjoyed the beautiful evening – so what if it was spent in a car? No matter. I had music and all that good stuff.

Oh – the quote? Yeah, that made my day. How about “Evil Life-Ruining Fool”? I’m hoping to use it in a sentence tomorrow. The beauty? People, by now you know that it’s ALL part of the beauty of life. AP Friend shared it with pride. She knew it really meant “job well done”. She’s talented like that. 😊