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Jesus On Instagram

Beauty in the day: it’s my month for Sunday School, and I do the K/1 group. ALL boys. A first grader told me that he heard that Jesus would return someday in the FLESH, and he told me, “Yeah! I can’t wait! I’m gonna get a PICTURE with him!”


Hearts and Smuckers

Beauty in the day: so many happy kids today. They were happy because of Valentine’s Day. They were happy because they had spent their precious time on making Valentine cards for their classmates, attaching treats like chocolate, skittles, Fun Dip, and Smuckers jams and jellies to their notes (what? wait – you never got little servings of Smuckers with your Valentine? Well, welcome to the modern world of foodies, I guess – !). Their little faces were full of joy as they handed out love notes to everyone they knew.

Love is alive and well at Ardmore.

Not Too Shy to be a 12


Beauty in the day: a visit from Blitz for International Walk to School Day. The kids were super excited! We have one 5th grader who doesn’t like things that are loud. He shies away from crowded situations. In fact, he comes to school just a little late each morning to avoid the hullabaloo. Today he came the earliest he ever has, and when his aide asked if he would like his picture taken with Blitz, he shyly walked right up and stood next to the big ol’ Hawk for a photo-op. Sometimes it takes a giant sea hawk – especially if the giant sea hawk is a Seahawk. 👍