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Love is All You Need

Beauty in the day: being reminded that everyone has a viewpoint – everyone has a perspective. Today I see many pictures of planes flying into towers; when I see this, I am only saddened by the insidiousness of such an act. I am reminded of the hurt and pain that so many people felt at their incomprehensible loss – nearly 1,200 of them muslims, who were innocent. I am saddened further to think that those people are now reliving the rejection brought on by fear, as they listen to Americans once again treat them as infidels. It should not be. It should never be.
If you are feeling fearful, there is only one thing that can rid you of it:

Mama Mia

Beauty in the day: he was ushered into the clinic, wailing with pain. The 2nd grader had gotten his fingers shut in a door, and he was traumatized to the hilt. On top of the fact that he is pretty new, he speaks next to no English, and his native tongue is Uzbek, one that no one else in our building knows. His eyes were wild with pain and fear, and the “it’s okay’s” were not making much of a dent to soften his loud howling. I let him talk to his mom on the phone, which brought even more wailing, because everybody knows that we cry more when we talk to our mamas. After the call (in Uzbek), I took his face in my hands, and ran my hands through his hair a few times, and he started quieting down a fraction. So I bent his head down a little bit so that our foreheads were touching, and whispered to him that his mama was going to come, and that she would make it better. I whispered it several times, and brushed tears away – and after a few shuddered breaths, he found a way to stop howling and locked eyes with me. Although he didn’t know my words, he knew what my spirit was saying to his. He crumbled a little, and went to wait for his mama. Sometimes we can say a lot without any words at all.

And speaking of mamas, this one is excited to announce that her littlest baby of nearly 22 years, is COMING HOME on May 21st. Celebrating!!!