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Aroma Therapy

Beauty in the day: the AP took a pre-packaged salad from the fridge, and opened near another employee. “That doesn’t smell right,” she told him.
“I’ll chance it – life on the edge, and all,” he replied, accepting her offer of some habanero sauce to add to it.
“Oh – be careful – it’s pretty spicy stuff,” she warned.
“It’s all good,” he told her, “I tend to eat a good bit of spicy stuff.”
“Cool,” she said.
He took the said to his office.
Another employee came into the Main Office, and looked around. “What is that smell?” she asked in a concerned voice. “It smells like GARBAGE!” She sniffed and sniffed. I tried to help, and discovered she was right. There was a “not good” smell in the air. As I walked to the AP’s office, I was able to identify that it was , in fact, his salad. He could hear us talking, and by now had a very worried and nervous look on his face.
“I’ve been eating this salad!” he wailed. He walked into the hall, dressed to go to recess.
He yowled, “I’ve been eating rotten food, I can’t feel my lips, and I’m wearing an ugly yellow vest!” He retrieved the salad and made a beeline for the out-of-doors to properly dispose of it. The smell was really strong by now.
It was at this moment that the principal, unaware of what had just happened, walked in his brisk way into the office, and sort of slowed his gait. The reason was clear when he protested, “It smells like a diaper in here!”
Oh boy.