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Golden Girl

Beauty in the day: God usually shows up in my car. On the way to work. He reminds me of stuff – blessings, mostly. A lot of the time, those blessings are attached to some hard trials. There’s gold to be had, folks. If I cry on the way to work, that’s usually because I found the gold.

Good Friday, 2015


My oldest baby posted this pic of her oldest baby (not yet 3 years old) with this caption:

*Jaffrey Ayla: sitting in morning light at the bar with Minnie. She is reading her Bible with her cereal and “coffee” and she is “highlighting” (slash coloring) with crayons in her Bible. I hear her tell Minnie, “This is Jesus,” as she points to her Bible. Then she says to Minnie’s face, “He lives in your heart.”


G’day, Good Friday

Beauty in the day: the little Aussie definitely generates some cute stuff. He came into the office after school to declare in his small but brave voice, that he really did think that schools ought to give children Friday off, because, after all, it will be Good Friday, and then children can stay home and think about Jesus and God. He left, after making his announcement, with the air of one who was still deeply pondering this idea….