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We All Scream for Ice Cream

Beauty in the day: she is an adorable third-grader at Woodridge, and she and her mom were celebrating her little sister’s first day of Preschool (year two!) – – – at the Ice Cream Store (you know the one..). They popped in the door, and I was greeted ever-so-enthusiastically by mom (thanks for that!). Introductions came next (“whoa, NORDSTROM???”), and third-grader shook my hand like a proper, and very-well-brought-up young lady. Preschooler is a bit of an understudy, and ever-so-politely took a moment to be introduced to a stranger (me), which was quite a grown-up feat, when there were 31-derful flavors waiting to be discovered.
I liked this moment in my day, and it reminded me that the last time I met a student-friend by chance at a Baskin Robbins was the time I exchanged special friendliness with a first grade Somerset boy who will forever be that – a first grade boy. I miss him. ❤

Pretty Please With a Cherry on Top

Beauty in the day: her mom was late picking her up. She is a first-grader, but a tough little cookie. Still, I didn’t want her to worry. After I reached mom by phone, it was clear that mom had completely lost track of time. “Oh my gosh! I’ll be right there!” I let Little Miss know, and she settled back in her chair, satisfied that all was well. We started making a guessing game as to why mom lost track of time.
“Maybe she was out shopping for super-cool stuff,” I guessed. She didn’t think so.
“I wonder if she was reading a good book, and her brain started growing so big that it was so busy thinking of inventions, that she lost track of time.” She didn’t think it was that, either.
“I’m hungry,” she offered.
“Oh my gosh!” I said, suddenly hit with inspiration, “I think she may have been eating an enormous ice-cream sundae, and it was so yummy that she lost track of time!”
I got a wonderful look – and then the stink-eye.
“I don’t think that’s it,” she countered, “but if it is, she will need to explain herself, and she will need to share a sample.”