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The Wheels on the Bus

Beauty in the day: the day was over. The kids had all gone home. At least, that’s what I thought. The PM Preschoolers had been walked out to their bus, and now that they were all safely in said bus, the teachers left. This left the young, cool Jamaican bus driver in a quandary, since a little girl in the front seat announced that she HAD to go potty. She was adamant about it, and he was very unsure what to do. He managed to get my attention, and I went out to him and learned of his situation. “I can take her into the school, and you stay here with your riders. No problem.” He was very grateful, but immediately became semi-horrified when, one-by-one, all the little tykes were claiming that they, too, HAD to go (“Bus Driver, Bus Driver!”). He started out by telling them that they could NO WAY go (“I know these kids, and they are just trying to have fun,” he revealed, his dreadlocks bobbing). Then you could see the doubt begin to creep in, as he looked to the left, and then to the right, and then back at me.
“We can just take a field trip. I don’t mind. I can take them all.” This was just too much for him. I couldn’t take them ALL. He suddenly became all business, and settled for a particular 4 children to go on this adventure. They came down the bus steps to me, and I got them to line up and follow me. The bus driver called after me, “That little guy will need some help with his pants. He can’t do it by himself.” I found myself semi-impressed: I guess he DOES know these kids! And by the way: he was right.