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Under the Influence

Beauty in the day: he comes to the office a lot when it’s music time. He likes music, but not music class, because he’s terribly sensitive to noise. When he comes, he likes to chat a fair amount. He’s a bright boy – one who likes to learn lots of things that some other boys have yet to cultivate an interest in.
“I’m back. ”
“Hi friend, how come you’re here?”
“The same reason I’m always here. Too loud in music.”
…Oh yeah.
“I do like music, and I did try. I sang for a bit. I can sing pretty good, actually.”
“Oh! Good to know! Any chance you would give me a sample of your singing?”
“Well…I really only sing best when I am under the influence.”
😂 (he quickly interpreted this for me to mean “under the influence of the music”, and forgave me for the burst of laughter that erupted over that.)

Raise the Roof

Beauty in the day: working on all my “stuff” at the office today while the teachers are all in a Professional Development Meeting. Folks, my Library ain’t got no ceiling on it. Yep, those who have been there know that I work in a glass school with a Library that has no ceiling. I love that I can hear them all break out in laughter every little while. It’s not just me that loves my job over there.

Humor Bites

Beauty in the day: today my assistant was exercising a form of her biting humor. Those who know my assistant are right now teetering between confusion and laughter. Confusion at: “Wait, what? Biting humor? Sarcasm? I don’t think so….” and laughter at the conjured thought of that taking place. They are also noting that they now believe I am a bad influence on her….

Silly – Er, Happy Hour

Beauty in the day: so this was actually last night. My youngest daughter and I went into “downtown Issaquah” for a drink and an appetizer. We ended up following the advice of the waiter and ordered “truffle fries”.
“Is this to share?”
“Yes, thanks.”
We sipped our wine while we waited. Then it came. It was an enormous plate of shoelace fries, covered in garlic and garnished (semi-abundantly) with Beecher’s Flagship cheese.
We looked at each other with a “holy moly” look, and dug in. They were yummy, of course, but as we sat there eating and talking, the waft of the garlic grew rather intense. We were giggling about it, and Erin said between giggles, “This reminds me of,” and then leaned in to whisper something that I couldn’t make out.
“What?” I asked.
She leaned in again, giggling as she whispered. It was not successful.
The giggling was getting out of hand. I guess it was partly based on the anticipation of discovering what she was trying to communicate.
“WHAT?” I tried again.
Leaning in, she spoke a little louder, though still infused her speech with laughter.
“This reminds me of an episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants!”
We both dissolved at that. This led her into a condensed replay of the episode, complete with mimicked voices (which she can do eerily well).
This is may be what they mean by “Happy Hour”.