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To Tell the Tooth

Beauty in the day: another tooth sacrificed to the Tooth Fairy. He came in with a wide smile, and the teeny-tiny-itty-bitty tooth in his hand.
“Ms. Nordstrom! I lost another tooth!”
“You mean, you made a fake tooth to try and fool me?” 😉
“It’s not fake! Look!” He showed me the gap in his mouth.
“My goodness! You painted your tooth black to look like you lost your tooth! Whatever will be next? How far will you go to get attention?”
He pushed his tongue through the gap to prove it’s authenticity.
“Oh my goodness! You’ve created an optical illusion to fool me!”
He grinned and shook his head back and forth. “Ms. Nordstrom, you’re not going to fool me.”
We picked a tooth necklace together.

A Bad Thing vs. A Worse Thing

Beauty in the day: he missed his van. He came in, his little self all hot and sweaty; his breathing labored with concern. “I was late because I got lost,” he said by way of explanation.
“How could you get lost, Friend? You wait in the same place every day. ”
But he didn’t wait in the same place today. He stole away to the playground, the temptation being too great since he ended his day with a different teacher, and the sun was hot in the sky. Then the true reason for his semi-frightened demeanor unveiled itself: when he knew he had missed the van, he decide to try to walk to the Boys & Girls Club by himself. This is when he got “lost”, though he hadn’t actually gotten anywhere.
“Friend, ” I began, with my hands on either side of his face. I stroked his hair back a few times, and then continued, “you must never, never try to go to the Boys & Girls Club on your own. Never. If you miss your van, that’s a bad thing, right?” He agreed. “But if you try to walk there alone, that is a much worse thing, because there are too many dangers. If you miss your van, it’s okay to come to me and say ‘Ms. Nordstrom, a bad thing happened’, and then we can work together to fix it. Okay?” He nodded. But what with the trauma of the moment, I knew I wouldn’t be serenaded today with a Spanish-Gaelic song.