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Always Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Beauty in the day: he came in from recess, taking heavy, jagged breaths. In between these, he let out the details of his trauma. “I was running (pant, pant), and I fell down on my (pant, pant) hands and knees! And they (pant, pant, pant) really, really (pant, wheeze) hurt!” As he continued panting and wheezing (and not crying, strikingly enough), I offered to help him run his hands under some warm water, to soothe them. He complied, and as he rubbed his hands carefully under the water, he panted, “It was not what should have (pant, pant) happened, and I need a bandaid (pant, pant) for my knee.” He continued like this, panting and wheezing in a traumatic fashion, and then suddenly sucked in his breath and looked over at me. He let the breath out slowly and tremulously and asked, “Is YOUR day going well?”