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The Formula

Beauty in the day: they came in together, each with their own ailment – one whose arm was hurting (for no apparent reason), the other who said she hurt her side a few days prior, and it was hurting.
“Oh! I never like it when that happens either! Have you tried the rubbing thing?”
They had not, but looked somewhat intrigued. I had to pull out a more engaging explanation than usual, because I know these littles.
“Oh, yes – let’s do try. You just take this hand, and then you gently rub, and sometimes pat, just like your mommy would do – does your mommy do that?”
Their mommies did not do that.
“Oh, well, how lucky! I’ll bet you never thought that you would get to go home and teach something to your mama, did you?”
Once again, intrigued.
“I think I can bend my arm better now!”
“My side feels better!”
“Wow! you two are just like little magical fairies!”
They left in agreement of that statement.

Perfect Nothingness

Beauty in the day: My BFF relayed this story about her 3-year-old niece:

Samara: Mommy, are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Mommy: I don’t know. What are you thinking about?
Samara: I’m not thinking about anything.

*at this point, Mommy confirms that they are, indeed, thinking of the same thing.

The Right Stuff

Beauty in the day: the frequent flyer came into the office with a request. “Ms. Nordstrom, I need to call my mom. Look, my shoe is starting to break, and well, yeah, today is P.E. day, and yeah – well, I think I need my mom to bring me some different shoes, and….yeah.” She looked at me in earnest, a pleading look on her face. I looked at her, and I could see that her perspective, being different than mine, rated this crisis rather high on the scale.
“Go ahead and call,” I allowed.
She called.
“Hi Mommy,” she said into the phone, “Can you bring me some different shoes for P.E.?……………Well,, but Mommy, the part by the back is breaking, and I……..yeah, well, no – the bottom part on the back……yeah, and I have P.E. and I have to run…..yeah….you will? Thank you, Mommy!”
She was about to hang up, when she said into the handset, “Oh! Mommy?………..yeah………..can you bring the pretty ones?”

Mommy is the Best Medicine

Beauty in the day: little first-grader came to the office and said that his teacher wanted us to check on him because he was very sick. “Well, I’m coughing, and my eyes are hurting. My mom says I need to eat some bananas, and my head is getting hot like it’s going to explode.” Poor kid. I’m not sure how the bananas played into everything, but I took his temperature. 99.3. Very low-grade. Still, I had a “feeling”. I told him he could rest, and that I would call his mother. “No,” he said. “I feel good and so my mom said if I feel good I can stay in class, and I feel good (apparently despite the whole ‘hot head gonna explode thing’), so that means I can go back to my Teacher.” He continued in this vein, and so I sent him back with a note saying that he claimed to feel fine, and that he didn’t have a temperature, but that he should be sent back if he seems to take a downward turn. Then I went off to the lunchroom. When I got back, he was in the clinic, and was fast asleep, his mother on the way. When mom arrived, I told her where to sign him out, and I went to go and awaken him. It wasn’t all that easy – he had fallen into a deep sleep. “Hey sweetie, time to wake up. Mommie’s here. Let’s put your coat on,” and I began to help him with his coat. In his sleep-drunken state he turned to me and said, “I love you Mommie.”

Awwww. I love you too, Mr. 101.3 degrees. Hope you feel better in the morning.

And if that wasn’t enough, I was gifted with a Girl Scout cookie in the lunchroom. The mint kind. I’m just sayin’…