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The Standard of Long

Beauty in the day: the first-grader caught me during his breakfast. “Ms. Nordstrom, do you have good plans for the weekend?”
I told him I didn’t have special plans, but that I was looking forward to a restful weekend.
“I think you should go see Captain Underpants,” was his suggestion. I raised my eyebrows at this, and told him I would have to consider that idea, and mentioned that I had heard that Wonder Woman was also showing, and that maybe I would see it.
He gave me a troubled look and then gave me the worrisome news: “I’ve heard that it’s really long – like, an hour.”
Good thing it’s the weekend and I might have an hour to spare.

Different Strokes

Beauty in the day: we didn’t get a Music sub. This means that the classroom teachers have to punt. Music DVD’s were made available, and several teachers went this route. One little kiddie left his music class and came to the office claiming he couldn’t watch the movie (Brother Bear Sing-Along). We queried him as to what he meant. “Did you get in trouble?” “No””. This went on a bit, and I finally asked him, “Did your mom and dad say you’re not aloud to watch movies?” “We’ll, kind of. I’m only allowed to watch Netflix.” :S

Wait for It

Beauty in the day: he came in to the office first thing. “Have you seen this (movie name) movie?” I told him the unfortunate news that I had not.
“Oh, well, it’s really good. It’s about a girl, and she goes on a beach, and then she finds this shell, and then a bunch of stuff happens that you don’t want to hear about, and then she blows into the shell and a song happens. Do you want to hear it?” I assured him completely that I would, indeed. He got his mouth ready, and seemed about to sing, but then didn’t. “I can’t remember the song,” he supplied. “I’ll let you know if I can remember. But it starts like this,” and he allowed a single note to escape. I thanked him for his preview.
After school was out, he came back. “Did my teacher tell you that I would sing my song?” I told him that she had, and waited. “I need more teachers than this,” he insisted. I gathered a few who were nearby. He said he forgot the song. I reminded him. “You said it was a Spanish and Gaelic song, remember?” He truly seemed to remember – but then didn’t. He would need to look it up in his book, he said. So, we await tomorrow, for the Spanish-Gaelic song. How many of you have a Spanish-Gaelic song to look forward to in the morning? And a serenade, no less.