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Naming Names

Beauty in the day: he came to visit in the office after school. His class is doing mealworms in science, and all the kids get their own mealworm to observe. I asked him if he was going to name his mealworm, and told him I once knew a kid who named his “Steve”. He thought about this for a moment, and then offered, “If I could keep mine, I would name him Apple Franklin,” suggesting a last name also. He had brothers with him, who then repeated this information, each in turn. One fully agreed with the Apple Franklin name. The other thought it should have been Steve.

Hawaiian Ice

Beauty in the day: today was her first day of Kindergarten. She showed up on the bus, and came on in. A teacher asked her name, and she recited her beautiful Hawaiian name, then unslung her Frozen backpack to reveal the picture and quipped, “but I go by Elsa”.