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Crabapple for the Teacher

Beauty in the day: first grade teacher came into the office with the express intent to give some help with challenges to the friend she had by the hand. She smiled and spoke to him in encouraging and uplifting tones. It made me smile too. I re-checked my morning email. Wait – there it was – she DID, in fact, send me an email this morning claiming to be in a very grouchy mood. I’m never believing her emails again.

Raise the Roof

Beauty in the day: working on all my “stuff” at the office today while the teachers are all in a Professional Development Meeting. Folks, my Library ain’t got no ceiling on it. Yep, those who have been there know that I work in a glass school with a Library that has no ceiling. I love that I can hear them all break out in laughter every little while. It’s not just me that loves my job over there.


Beauty in the day: the principal came into the office with a look on his face. He had a story to tell. “So,” he began, “the little kindie guy was in the hall just now, and he was struggling with his zipper. So I stepped in to the rescue, and told him that I am a PRO at zippers! So I bent down, and saw that his zipper was hardly even attached! I just ‘popped!’ it right out, showing him that it was no longer stuck.” He paused – apparently for effect, since he had a “Paul-Harvey-rest-of-the-story” to relay.
“Apparently though, he wasn’t having trouble getting his jacket unzipped after all,” he smiled in a semi-embarrassed manner, “he was having trouble getting it ZIPPED.”

Able to Leap Tall Buildings…


Beauty in the day: a call came over the radio from recess, the voice clearly belonging to the principal’s alter-ego, Virtues Boy: “Unity Man – Unity Man – come in, Unity Man…..there are children on our playground who are asking for Unity Man, come in, Unity Man…”
Unity Man (aka the Assistant Principal) answered the call: “Roger that, Virtues Boy. I will be right there.” Walking through the office on his way out, clad in his bright orange leotard, cape and mask, he said wryly, “Gotta give the public what they want.”