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Life in the Emerald City

Beauty in the day: it started with the young one who strode boldly down the hall and into the office only to suddenly appear to be crippled in one leg.  He said it happened on Friday, and added that his mom knew about it, for good measure.  So we stretched.  We did lunges.  We did deep knee bends.  We did toe touches .  I sent him back to class.
Later, in the lunch line (don’t even get me started) one line emptied out, so I went up to a young man and told him he could move to the empty line.  He snarled out a very definite “No!”  Well!  My goodness!  I tried again.  He was demonstrably against any such sort of offer.  So, I offered the honor to the boy behind him, who gladly took advantage.  The first boy burst into loud and bitter tears, the kind with the ugly face – the really ugly face.  Directly at this point the boy from earlier this morning walked up to me and said, “I think those exercises made my leg worse.”
Any ridiculous thoughts anyone has had about magical or super powers that I possess may now put them to rest.  There is no one behind the curtain, folks.