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We All Scream for Ice Cream

Beauty in the day: she is an adorable third-grader at Woodridge, and she and her mom were celebrating her little sister’s first day of Preschool (year two!) – – – at the Ice Cream Store (you know the one..). They popped in the door, and I was greeted ever-so-enthusiastically by mom (thanks for that!). Introductions came next (“whoa, NORDSTROM???”), and third-grader shook my hand like a proper, and very-well-brought-up young lady. Preschooler is a bit of an understudy, and ever-so-politely took a moment to be introduced to a stranger (me), which was quite a grown-up feat, when there were 31-derful flavors waiting to be discovered.
I liked this moment in my day, and it reminded me that the last time I met a student-friend by chance at a Baskin Robbins was the time I exchanged special friendliness with a first grade Somerset boy who will forever be that – a first grade boy. I miss him. ❤