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Princess Magnolia

Beauty in the day: a hard and painful Beauty. Three-year-old Princess Magnolia has relocated. Her kingdom is not on this earth, but she spent some final days here being held and cuddled by the people she loved the best – her family.


Queen Captain

Beauty in the day: little pre-schooler waiting with mom for 1/2 – day Kindergarten brother. She is wearing a very familiar princess dress. “Wow! You remind me of Queen Elsa in that dress!”
She blushed prettily, and her mother supplied the missing Intel: “Well, underneath that outfit is Captain America.”


Royally Regal

Beauty in the day: got out all my skills today. I thought I was using them at elementary school – how about Irish twins, almost 2 and almost 3? How about it’s dinner time, and I’ve taken the drink away so that EATING will occur? You might have witnessed a Grandma dipping chicken nuggets into ketchup, and “oohing and ahhing” over the exciting prospect of eating such delectable fare ( he went for it, by the way). Well, I can tell you that Jaffrey learned Princess etiquette for all things, from requesting her crown to be returned from an inquisitive uncle, to eating ALL of her pterodactyl chicken nugget (because that’s what a real princess does), to waiting in a regal manner for her turn on the “Planes” riding toy that her brother was on. Bring on Prince Harry – she is Regal and Ready.