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Beauty in the day: on the way to work, I heard a story on the radio that made me realize that lately I have been waiting for beauty to reveal itself to me, and I am instead supposed to be seeking it out. So I paid attention, and the first beauty came right away, in the early part of the day, when an old friend was sent to the office with a mission from his teacher.
“Excuse me,” he piped in. “Our teacher will need 30 copies of this paper.” He pointed carefully to areas that had white-out on them, and warned, “You shouldn’t touch those white spots, because I don’t want to know what will happen if you do.”
Something tells me that Rules of White-Out 101 was on the syllabus for Second Grade, 1st semester.


Able to Leap Tall Buildings…


Beauty in the day: a call came over the radio from recess, the voice clearly belonging to the principal’s alter-ego, Virtues Boy: “Unity Man – Unity Man – come in, Unity Man…..there are children on our playground who are asking for Unity Man, come in, Unity Man…”
Unity Man (aka the Assistant Principal) answered the call: “Roger that, Virtues Boy. I will be right there.” Walking through the office on his way out, clad in his bright orange leotard, cape and mask, he said wryly, “Gotta give the public what they want.”