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The Formula

Beauty in the day: they came in together, each with their own ailment – one whose arm was hurting (for no apparent reason), the other who said she hurt her side a few days prior, and it was hurting.
“Oh! I never like it when that happens either! Have you tried the rubbing thing?”
They had not, but looked somewhat intrigued. I had to pull out a more engaging explanation than usual, because I know these littles.
“Oh, yes – let’s do try. You just take this hand, and then you gently rub, and sometimes pat, just like your mommy would do – does your mommy do that?”
Their mommies did not do that.
“Oh, well, how lucky! I’ll bet you never thought that you would get to go home and teach something to your mama, did you?”
Once again, intrigued.
“I think I can bend my arm better now!”
“My side feels better!”
“Wow! you two are just like little magical fairies!”
They left in agreement of that statement.

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Beauty in the day: the clinic aide’s name is Kit. Kit and I work often in tandem with kids that come to the office to “see the nurse”. She employs the same strategies that I often use, so we “get” one another. Like yesterday, when little kindergartener came in for the first of 4 times that day, complaining that his leg really hurt. This kid looks like a tiny Russell Wilson (seriously, it’s true; Kit and I discussed this). He even smiled when he said his leg hurt really bad – that was his grave error. Kit looked on as I told him, “When that happens, you first rub, rub, rub the sore spot. Then you pay it gently a few times. Then you smooth it out a bit, and then it will feel better.” He did it all dubiously, and we sent him back to class without a review on his part.

She’s also been there when I have had young ladies complaining of pain perform arabesques and other graceful dance positions before sending them back to class.

Today as Kit was sitting and mostly minding her own business, she innocently opened a file cabinet drawer into her leg. This move caused her to yelp out in pain, and I have to concede here – she hit it rather hard.

“Ow!” She exclaimed.

“Kit, are you okay?”

She looked at me with pain in her eyes, began rubbing her shin, and recited, “First you rub, rub, rub” as she rubbed her smacked leg. Next she was patting and smoothing. For her finale she stood and performed an arabesque, looked at me with a pained expression, and said valiantly, “Feels good.”

I dearly love to laugh. Thanks Kit. 😂