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Not Too Shy to be a 12


Beauty in the day: a visit from Blitz for International Walk to School Day. The kids were super excited! We have one 5th grader who doesn’t like things that are loud. He shies away from crowded situations. In fact, he comes to school just a little late each morning to avoid the hullabaloo. Today he came the earliest he ever has, and when his aide asked if he would like his picture taken with Blitz, he shyly walked right up and stood next to the big ol’ Hawk for a photo-op. Sometimes it takes a giant sea hawk – especially if the giant sea hawk is a Seahawk. 👍


Seahawk Fever

Beauty in the day: a certain principal came to school WEARING A PATRIOTS T-SHIRT. He dressed his son this way as well. His own child was sacrificed to this cause (which, for the record, was nothing more than the playful antagonization of his staff 😉 ). At the end of the day, a parent came to pick up their child, and left with a loud, “Go Hawks!” which was answered in like manner by my assistant and myself. From down the hall, came a tiny, quiet voice – practically a whisper: “Go Seahawks!” It was the Principal’s son. He gave me a sheepish look, and then looked away. #hawkfeveriscatching