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Like a Wink and a Smile

Beauty in the day: little cuter-than-a-puppy limped – LIMPED, I say, into the office with crocodile tears threatening to spill. She let me know that she was HURT, and she also said that her dad would want her to go home if she was HURT. Because she looked pretty darn good to me, we got out the ice pack, and put it to work.
After a bit, I went in to send her back to class. She looked greatly improved, save but for her troubled countenance. She was dubious about this plan, but got up to go back. “It still hurts,” she said off-handedly.
“Well, but I just LOVE your hair! It’s darling! And those shoes – are they new?”
She blushed and posed…and trotted back to class.
Happy Friday Eve. ☺️

The Right Stuff

Beauty in the day: the frequent flyer came into the office with a request. “Ms. Nordstrom, I need to call my mom. Look, my shoe is starting to break, and well, yeah, today is P.E. day, and yeah – well, I think I need my mom to bring me some different shoes, and….yeah.” She looked at me in earnest, a pleading look on her face. I looked at her, and I could see that her perspective, being different than mine, rated this crisis rather high on the scale.
“Go ahead and call,” I allowed.
She called.
“Hi Mommy,” she said into the phone, “Can you bring me some different shoes for P.E.?……………Well,, but Mommy, the part by the back is breaking, and I……..yeah, well, no – the bottom part on the back……yeah, and I have P.E. and I have to run…..yeah….you will? Thank you, Mommy!”
She was about to hang up, when she said into the handset, “Oh! Mommy?………..yeah………..can you bring the pretty ones?”