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No Sticker Shock Here

Beauty in the day: it would be a crime if I was too embarrassed to choose this moment. The teacher sent her very shy young kindergarten boy to the office so he could show me how great he did on his math work. We cheered and congratulated him. We high-fived him. We made those faces that you make when you can’t even believe what you are seeing and hearing. He was appropriately impressed. As I sent him off, I gave him a “You’re Awesome” sticker to put on his hand.
After a while, I got an email from his teacher, who informed me that he had shown her his sticker. “Wow, that Ms. Nordstrom sure is nice,” she told him.
“Yes,” he replied, “and she’s really quite beautiful.”
~ ~ We have the smartest kids at Ardmore. 😉


Not Too Shy to be a 12


Beauty in the day: a visit from Blitz for International Walk to School Day. The kids were super excited! We have one 5th grader who doesn’t like things that are loud. He shies away from crowded situations. In fact, he comes to school just a little late each morning to avoid the hullabaloo. Today he came the earliest he ever has, and when his aide asked if he would like his picture taken with Blitz, he shyly walked right up and stood next to the big ol’ Hawk for a photo-op. Sometimes it takes a giant sea hawk – especially if the giant sea hawk is a Seahawk. 👍

Go Ahead: Make My Day

Beauty in the day: Erin called me via FaceTime so I could visit with the kiddles. They didn’t know she was going to do this, and Jaffrey’s elation at this MADE. MY. DAY. She kept gasping, and putting her hands on her cheeks – she was so amazed and excited to talk to CoCo. “I LOVE you, CoCo!!” she exclaimed over and over. Everett played the adorable shy boy, and covered his eyes to peek out. It was a perfect present for me. ❤

Summer Lovin’

Beauty in the day: first day of summer school. A little stressful to start, but you just jump in, and it all works out. I met a boy with a frog, and had a 4th grade girl as an assistant for the first half of the day. I never went to the bathroom until after the day ended, but I did get there.
After work I was invited to dinner at a friend’s house, where I spent an evening with a 6-year-old gregarious girl, and an 8-year-old pretty shy boy. They were a darling addition to the evening, and were the correct and proper chaser to a day at summer school. ❤️


Beauty in the day: he is a home-schooler who comes to the school for a few services and Specialist classes. When he first started coming I could barely get him to speak a word, though he would give a shy smile. Now he is comfortable and I get to see the kid under the surface. He always comes in and goes to the sign-in sheet, a chore that seems to take him a long time. I usually wait a bit and then burst out with a “George!”, to which he generally makes some caveman-ish reply, which is cuter than some since George doesn’t say his “r’s” in the traditional fashion, but instead substitutes them with a “w”. So yesterday, when he was signing out to leave, I started pestering him with, “Hey George!” He says “hey”. Then I say respond with, “Hey George!” – and so on. After about the 4th “Hey George!” He said in a hurried fashion, “I can’t talk wight now, I have to go meet the Pwesident.” And off he went………

Today when he arrived, I said “George! How’d it go yesterday?” George was ready.

“Well, it went pretty good, at least at fiwst. But the twubble stawted when I didn’t think the Pwesident was “cool”, and he could tell.”

“Uh-oh,” I countered. “I hope that didn’t get you into any trouble.”

“Well, actually, it did, and I had to westle with the FBI, and I had to take one out.”

“Wow, George! I’m surprised you didn’t get arrested!”

“Oh, I did get awested, but I’m vewy wich, so I just bought my way out of jail.”

“Wait, so – you’re out on bail right now?”


“Wow, George – I’m going to remember this if I ever get into a similar situation. – Oh….except….I just realized that I’m not very rich, so I wouldn’t be able to buy my way out of jail.”

“You should pwobably just act like the Pwesident is cool then.”

He probably has a point.