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Beauty in the day: he is a home-schooler who comes to the school for a few services and Specialist classes. When he first started coming I could barely get him to speak a word, though he would give a shy smile. Now he is comfortable and I get to see the kid under the surface. He always comes in and goes to the sign-in sheet, a chore that seems to take him a long time. I usually wait a bit and then burst out with a “George!”, to which he generally makes some caveman-ish reply, which is cuter than some since George doesn’t say his “r’s” in the traditional fashion, but instead substitutes them with a “w”. So yesterday, when he was signing out to leave, I started pestering him with, “Hey George!” He says “hey”. Then I say respond with, “Hey George!” – and so on. After about the 4th “Hey George!” He said in a hurried fashion, “I can’t talk wight now, I have to go meet the Pwesident.” And off he went………

Today when he arrived, I said “George! How’d it go yesterday?” George was ready.

“Well, it went pretty good, at least at fiwst. But the twubble stawted when I didn’t think the Pwesident was “cool”, and he could tell.”

“Uh-oh,” I countered. “I hope that didn’t get you into any trouble.”

“Well, actually, it did, and I had to westle with the FBI, and I had to take one out.”

“Wow, George! I’m surprised you didn’t get arrested!”

“Oh, I did get awested, but I’m vewy wich, so I just bought my way out of jail.”

“Wait, so – you’re out on bail right now?”


“Wow, George – I’m going to remember this if I ever get into a similar situation. – Oh….except….I just realized that I’m not very rich, so I wouldn’t be able to buy my way out of jail.”

“You should pwobably just act like the Pwesident is cool then.”

He probably has a point.