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Perchance to Blush

Beauty in the day: there were lots and lots of flowers today. There were also lots and lots of hand-made cards. A kindergarten class came in to deliver theirs, and each student wanted a high-five in return. We thanked them profusely and gushed at their talents and generosity. As they left, one little guy said to his friend, “I saw her blush.” ☺️

On Top of Spaghetti….

Beauty in the day: ever been to a Meatball Throw Down? Today I was one of seven judges at one. My boss against (can I say that, actually? This is Unity Month – “against” sounds wrong) – scratch that. My boss showing off his talents alongside my friend showing off hers. I learned that judging a meatball contest – even blindly – is STRESSFUL!!!!! My boss (you remember Virtues Boy?) won the challenge by a smidgen, but the real winners were the 7 judges, who got to eat some VERY tasty meatballs as a treat!