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Zip it Good

Beauty in the day: he talks to us. We often don’t understand what he’s saying, but he’s also pretty animated, so us educated folk are generally able to decipher his antics. Today he had a few words for the Librarian. He seemed interested in her vest, and she leaned down to let him in’vest’igate. He motioned to her zipper, which he then grasped, and pulled up to her chin. She thanked him with a smile, and he left, exhibiting pride in a job well-done.

Sometimes love is letting someone zip you up.


Beauty in the day: the principal came into the office with a look on his face. He had a story to tell. “So,” he began, “the little kindie guy was in the hall just now, and he was struggling with his zipper. So I stepped in to the rescue, and told him that I am a PRO at zippers! So I bent down, and saw that his zipper was hardly even attached! I just ‘popped!’ it right out, showing him that it was no longer stuck.” He paused – apparently for effect, since he had a “Paul-Harvey-rest-of-the-story” to relay.
“Apparently though, he wasn’t having trouble getting his jacket unzipped after all,” he smiled in a semi-embarrassed manner, “he was having trouble getting it ZIPPED.”