American Snipers and Gone Boys

Beauty in the day: a day that started with a remembrance of a special little boy I once knew as a student at my previous school, and ended in a remembrance of a man I never knew, whose life was played out on a movie screen by Bradley Cooper. I find it both extremely odd and supremely amazing that Clint Eastwood could make me feel the loss of a soldier I never knew in a similar way that I still feel the loss of one beautiful young boy that I did. ❤️

You’ve Got to Squish When the Spirit Says Squish

Beauty in the day: it was from the other day, actually. He’s a 1st grader who has an interesting version of thinking outside the box. His guest teacher called the office to say he wasn’t in class where he should be. Although she believed him to be in the restroom, he’d been gone longer than expected. My assistant grabbed a two-way radio and went on a hunt. She found him, and yes, he was in the restroom. But he wasn’t taking care of the traditional business. It seems that he got his socks wet at recess, and came up with a plan to get them dry. She found him with a wet sock between two hall passes, and the lad was applying the greatest pressure he could.

A Boss Like a Mom

Beauty in the day: I had it somewhere here. It might have been a beauty moment – I’m pretty sure it was. It’s just that I’m so tired today….can’t quite remember….of course, Genevieve and Melina and Joy and Annette stopped by to chat – that’s always a highlight. Jenny and I worked on some things, and I always like that. We had a lot of fevers today – a lot – and for some reason – maybe the rainy weather? – I felt extra motherly toward them today. Plus, there was the phone conversation with my oldest baby. Yeah – feeling like a mom today. That’s kind of like “feeling like a boss”, actually. Yeah, actually, it really is.