KO in the 13th Round

Beauty in the day: yeah, so the Staff Lounge. It had the upper-hand, with it’s 2 refrigerator/freezers and 3 microwaves. There was a bit of a struggle, and it didn’t help that the District has turned off the air for the summer. 😠 My assistant and I took ZERO prisoners – the Staff Lounge is once again a safe place for all. It doesn’t sound much like a “beauty” to report; but that’s because you have’t seen the before and after shots.

Blessed by Association

Beauty in the day: sometimes people do good things for people that you love. For me, when that happens, it feels like they are doing something for my family. This means my fam is getting the love right now. Thanks, people who do good things for the people that I love. ❤️

Fashion Forward

Beauty in the day: cooking on the late side for me, and cooking extra to bring to some friends tomorrow. I told my daughter that I had forgotten to pick up some of those disposable containers that you take food to people in. “Okay mom, so I’ll go pick some up.”

“Wow! That would be really great! But you don’t have to go – I can pick them up myself.”

“Mom. You’re in your pajamas.”



Weed Whacker

Beauty in the day: a very full day at school today. We had a morning awards assembly that started the day off right. Kids were in a good mood, especially knowing that the student body award earned was a “Literacy Picnic,” which meant that lunch would be eaten outside on blankets, followed by reading of books, one student to another. Kids that normally avoided reading were reading happily. Kids were coming to the office to call their parents for blankets. It was a very good day for Literacy! One little guy who sometimes sings Spanish-Gaelic songs (or is it Irish-Gaelic?) returned to class with a long weed clenched in his mouth. “Back in my country” (I think that’s Washington, actually, generally further south in Bellevue – perhaps Woodridge), “we usually put weed in our mouth.”

Well, like I said, it’s Washington. 😉


Queen Captain

Beauty in the day: little pre-schooler waiting with mom for 1/2 – day Kindergarten brother. She is wearing a very familiar princess dress. “Wow! You remind me of Queen Elsa in that dress!”
She blushed prettily, and her mother supplied the missing Intel: “Well, underneath that outfit is Captain America.”


The Giver

imageBeauty in the day: an old family friend found this long-ago picture of my dad. I remember the story of the bright orange jaguar. We had moved to Alaska, and my dad had flown down to California to visit some friends. I don’t recall the reason, but it had something to do with our church – my dad was a pastor. So anyway, I just remember when he got home from the trip, and he recounted the story of his transportation while he was there. One of the friends from our church back in Cali told him that he would provide him with a car to drive, so there would be no need to rent one. The Jag is what he loaned to him. My dad had a great time driving around in that. I have no memory of that. I wasn’t there. My memory is of my dad telling us about the wonderful generosity of the man that loaned it, and of the way that generosity made me feel about giving. I distinctly remember being in awe of the guy that loaned the car – he gave my dad his best. I found – and find – that to be inspiring.

Beauty by the Thimbleful

Beauty in the day: friend AP at another school had a fun day today. I got pictures to prove it, and they were accompanied by a quote about said Friend AP.

When I left work today, I took the West Lake Sammamish route to Issaquah – a seemingly good plan. On this gorgeous, lovely day, it should not have mattered that I traveled approximately 8 miles at 4 mph. I survived it, but was stressed because I had to get some people to the airport. No sooner did I get home, than it was time to leave to go BACK to Bellevue to pick up airport Friend. The good news is that my 6 hours on W. Lake Sammamish prepared and trained me for the 42 hour trek at 4 mph to the airport – IN THE CARPOOL LANE. Actually, at one point we noticed that we were traveling at the break-neck speed of 26 mph, and I think I may have strained a muscle in my neck over that. Gah.
I traveled home and enjoyed the beautiful evening – so what if it was spent in a car? No matter. I had music and all that good stuff.

Oh – the quote? Yeah, that made my day. How about “Evil Life-Ruining Fool”? I’m hoping to use it in a sentence tomorrow. The beauty? People, by now you know that it’s ALL part of the beauty of life. AP Friend shared it with pride. She knew it really meant “job well done”. She’s talented like that. 😊

The Bigger the Better

Beauty in the day: little Aussie came in. “Excuse me, but I have some shorts on. They are a size 3, and they are not supposed to fit me anymore, but instead they keep, well, slipping down all day, and I have had about all I can take of pulling them back up again (again pronounced “ah-gane”).”

“Well, that’s a bit of a problem, then isn’t it? School is over in 18 minutes, so instead of calling your mom, perhaps we can find some string to fashion a belt for you. What do you think?”

His thought ran toward the affirmative, so I set about my task. Road block: I could find no string. SOMEONE has my string. “Um, Friend, I can find no string, but I have this polka-dot red curling ribbon. What do you thing about us using this?”

As luck would have it, his thoughts again ran toward the affirmative.

I fashioned the makeshift belt, and tied a knot. “When you get home, your mom can use scissors to cut off this belt.”

“Alright,” he agreed. “I think my mom should save these shorts for me when I have grown a bit bigger, because I do know that I plan to grow some more.”