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Love is All You Need

Beauty in the day: being reminded that everyone has a viewpoint – everyone has a perspective. Today I see many pictures of planes flying into towers; when I see this, I am only saddened by the insidiousness of such an act. I am reminded of the hurt and pain that so many people felt at their incomprehensible loss – nearly 1,200 of them muslims, who were innocent. I am saddened further to think that those people are now reliving the rejection brought on by fear, as they listen to Americans once again treat them as infidels. It should not be. It should never be.
If you are feeling fearful, there is only one thing that can rid you of it:

Naming Names

Beauty in the day: Well, it’s a day late, but this story is sticking with me, so….His kindergarten teacher brought him in for a chat. It’s the little Aussie – you’ve met him before. Little Aussie was very, very sad. His teacher, in her valiant efforts to distract him from his troubles, told him I had some sort of super-powers, and suggested they see what I might have to say (she’s such a smart cookie, right? He was naturally somewhat intrigued – though still very, very sad). “Ms. Nordstrom, my friend here is very, very sad. We made a park in Kindergarten, and we didn’t get to name it the name that we wanted to, and on top of that, we didn’t get to have the snack we were hoping for at snack time.” I took a look, and he was, indeed, very, very sad. “So Friend, you didn’t get to name the park what you wanted?” He shook his head in a sad, doleful way. “So what DID they name it?”

“Kindergarten Park.”

“I see, I see. Yes, Kindergarten Park does sound like a proper name for that, though. Hmmmm….. Tell me, Friend, what was the name YOU wanted to name it?”

“Power Ranger Park.”

“Well, yes, that’s a very good name, isn’t it? But I wonder – it seems like there is a bit of information you didn’t know about. Actually, if something is named ‘Kindergaten Park’, it’s secret code-name actually IS ‘Power Ranger”, you see. Most people don’t know this, because it’s very much a secret code, so it’s probably good not to spread it around very much. In fact, you should probably just tell your best friend and that’s all for now.” He looked rather pleased with this intelligence, and thought that idea was great, and they left to get things underway. Those of you reading this: I’m working on a way for this message to self-destruct in 30 seconds, to protect the bit of secret information held within the words. Important for you to pretend you don’t remember this.